Friday, December 11, 2009

There's probably no god...

The NZ Atheist Bus Campaign was launched yesterday. I like the campaign, it's punchy while not being aggressive. The Campaign is trying to raise an initial $10,000 to kick off their advertisements in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. When I donated yesterday, the total raised was only $220, but today it's over $4,000 - I think this is a consequence of publicity from being featured on Sunrise and this morning.

As expected, the comments on these stories are riddled with the same tired old arguments coming from mis-informed believers. Here's a summary of their content:

- "There's PROBABLY no god..." Ooh look the atheists admit that they don't even know. Thus, God exists. Oh and he loves you, right?

- Saying "probably" means that you're agnostic, not atheist. Stupid atheists. They don't even know what they stand for. I love to talk about concepts that I'm clearly ignorant of. It makes me feel important and clever.

- You say god doesn't exist, but what if he does???! That's an awfully big risk to take??!! Thus, He exists. In other words, I only believe in Him because I'm a coward and I'm hedging my bets.

- (Often in combination with the previous statement): You'll realise you're wrong when you're dying. Your very soul will cry out to Jesus.

- Moan moan moan, atheism doesn't have a stigma, religion does! In other words, I get picked on for being a believer. You meanies. Stop picking on me.

- There's a uproar when us believers display religious symbols in public, but you evil atheists are allowed bus ads? Outrageous!
(OK, I really only have one reply for this. Case study: EASTER AND CHRISTMAS, ANYONE???)

- This is so unfair. Why haven't they said "There's probably no Allah". Christians, are like, soooo picked on. I'm ignoring the fact that Allah is still a "god", and thus is probably included in the slogan anyway. Mainly because I like to pretend that I'm suffering and persecuted for my beliefs, because then I'm like Jesus. Right?

- Any combination of: This is pointless. I don't give a shit. I don't know what they're trying to achieve. It's a waste of money. This doesn't seem important to me. I don't see how this is going to benefit anyone. I don't understand how to tie a shoelace can anyone help me out?

- Quoting bible verses. God loves you. He is so good, and loving, and he will forgive you for being an evil atheist, once you repent and stuff. Sickening bullshit. (For some reason I always hear a simpering whispery voice whenever I read these types of comments)

- Quoting bible verses. You're all going to hell. God will strike you down. I can't wait for you to burn in hell. Oh God loves you, but he'll still send you to the pit of fire.

I'm tired.

UPDATE: Almost up to $6,000 now! Go donate: If the donations keep climbing at this rate, we'll have bus ads all over NZ in no time. It would be nice to have them in Dunedin, which isn't in their current plan yet.

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