Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dunedin Skeptics in The Pub - First Meeting

I attended the first meeting for Dunedin Skeptics in The Pub last night. There were way more people than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise, and after the initial awkward introductions (they must be obligatory at this kind of gathering) we ended up having a fantastic time.

I think it'll be a really good way to share ideas about promoting reason and science in the local community. There was one guy who said he goes along to a primary school class every couple of weeks and talks to 8-9 year olds about science and the scientific method. What a great idea!

That's the sort of stuff we should be doing - promoting science and critical thinking in the community. I'm totally inspired, and I think it's time to start planning something along those lines for myself. I've been making noises about how I want to communicate science for a long time, and it's about time I actually did something.

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