Saturday, October 2, 2010

In which I apologize for being one of those bloggers who never posts

... but sometimes life gets in the way!

I applied for a big fancy scholarship today and had to write a statement of proposed research. I'll try to keep the whinging to a minimum, but just to get it out of my system:

Look, I know I'm supposed to tell you exactly what my research project is going to be on, because you want me to be a superstar with lots of ideas and be someone who can plan a project myself. Just so you know, that's not really what I get to do in real life. I have to fit in with what my supervisor is already studying. In fact, I had an interview with said supervisor about projects, and she is in no hurry to discuss the details of projects. We will probably discuss it closer to the time. BECAUSE IT'S A YEAR AWAY.

Phew. Anyway, so I wrote this proposal based on what I thiiink I'll be doing, and it turned out pretty cool. I read it and was like "sweet, that sounds like an interesting project". So hopefully someone else will think the same thing too, when they read it.

My flatmate just found out she got a Fulbright scholarship, which is flipping amazing and I'm so pleased for her, but it also brought back my drive to try my hardest to get a scholarship too. It's always a good motivator when someone you know gets a cool scholarship, because I guess it reminds you that the winners aren't faceless people you'll never meet, they're interesting people who are passionate about what they do.

Oh and in other success stories, my boss scored an $800,000 grant. Just whatever.

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