Thursday, April 22, 2010

Global Atheist Convention: Part 4 - Convention Dinner!

It's taking me so long to actually get these posts written that they're hideously out of date, old news... etc. But I shall persevere anyway because I still think it was cool.

So the convention dinner had about 600 attendees. I was seated at a Pharyngulite table, and the other guests on my table were great. There was a couple with their 12 year old son, a couple from Queensland who run a charter boat on the Great Barrier Reef, a couple of singletons like myself, and some lovely elderly women from America. They had come to Australia just for the convention!

Food was faaaaaab. Example:
Lamb with anchovy and green stuff, fried bread with goat's cheese and caramelised pear, and salmon with salmon caviar.
Lamb with mushrooms and potatoes.

The entertainment started off with Julian Morrow and Craig Reucassel from the Australian TV show The Chaser's War on Everything. I looove The Chaser so was quite excited to see them, and even got to have a quick photo and chat with them after the dinner...


Other entertainment included a skeezy illusionist (I later saw him inviting pretty girls back to his hotel room after dinner... because he wanted to "just hang out with like-minded people"... HAHAHAHA), and a cool cool guy who makes funny youtube videos.

After dinner I went and talked to PZ Myers! I was possibly a little bit weird and frightening, especially considering the number of wines I'd had, but he was gracious enough to have a photo taken with me:

There was a LOT of mingling after the dinner, and at some point I think we were even kicked out of the convention centre (I mean, because it was really late and they wanted to clear up... not because we were causing trouble...). On the way out, I met AC Grayling, who was lovely, had a great chat, and he even said that he would give me his email address the next day during book signings. And you know what? He actually did!

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